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Apple cuts iPhone 4S Delivery Time to Three to Five Days

Three months after its launch, Apple seems to be finally catching up with the huge demand for the most wanted handset currently on the market.

The highly praised and record-breaking iPhone 4S has been overwhelmingly popular and Apple's supply chain could only provide enough units to allow customers to get the flagship handset, in a week or even more until now.

As Electronista observes, shipping times have dropped to three to five business days. The reduced delivery time is available for iPhone 4S in all three capacity versions at all the three US carriers that offer the latest Apple handset to subscribers, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

Customers who are interested in buying an iPhone 4S from an Apple Store are still advised to make a reservation online; when it comes to walk in purchases, Apple's policy of first come, first served will be maintained.

The situation in Hong Kong, however, is somewhat different. In a move to counteract 'scalpers' - those looking to make a profit by buying out scarce stocks of the iPhone 4S for resale - Apple has introduced an online lottery system to select which lucky customers are eligible to come in and buy a handset.

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