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Apple's New Recruits Partake In 'Fake' Projects

According to recent reports, a handful of newly recruited Apple employees are often assigned projects that actually do not exist. Apparently, the iPhone maker indulges in such bogus practices to test the trustworthiness of the company's newly hired employees.

The revelation was made by author of ‘Inside Apple', Adam Lashinsky, with his book detailing several interesting allegations. Apparently, many of the new employees in Apple Inc are appointed without being informed about the exact project they are working on. The book basically gives the readers an ‘insight' into Apple's covert operations in order to provide themselves time to evaluate the employee's trustworthiness.

Following an intensive nine month period, many employees are put in so-called dummy positions. The roles for these positions are often vague with the job descriptions not explained clearly to the employees. A former engineer who had been a graduate student before joining Apple said: "they would not tell me what it was". It appears that Apple goes that extra step of outrageousness for its own benefit, even at the cost of their new recruits' careers as per a report by MacRumors.

It seems that the underlying motive of Apple whilst indulging in such practises is to catch the ‘leakers' of confidential information about the company and its future products, the book claims.

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