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Thousands Line Up to Get a Job at Foxconn Despite Harsh Conditions

Foxconn is supposedly looking to enhance its workforce in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou and despite the less-than-satisfactory working conditions in the company, thousands of aspirants are lining up for jobs in its factories.

Not caring about the harsh working conditions at Foxconn, thousands of people congregated outside a labour office in Zhengzhou, the largest city of Henan province in North central China, impatiently waiting for a chance to work at Foxconn, the Chinese tech site Mic Gadget reported. Foxconn, which is engaged in assembling iPhones and iPads for Apple, is planning to hire an additional 100000 employees as it is aiming at augmenting its iPhone production.

People standing in lines waited impatiently for long time in the cold, carrying job applications in their hands. According to advertisements the pay package at Foxconn starts at 1650 Yuan ($261) and it is likely to reach to somewhere around 2400 to 3200 Yuan (or $379 to $506) after an appraisal. The advertisements did not mention it clearly whether the figures of salary were for per week or per month. The company is also providing food and lodging facility.

Foxconn is embroiled in huge criticism for its unsafe, military like conditions, which has led to workers getting frustrated and depressed and some even going to the extent of committing suicide.