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Downed Bebo Website not Dead

A new rumour surfaced on the microblogging site Twitter on Monday that the social networking platform Bebo had been shutdown. Though the rumours were not confirmed by any authentic sources, it managed to create quite some buzz in the media.

Apparently, what social media enthusiasts from all around were wondering was - whether the site had been really shut down or it was just one of those cheap publicity stunts that we get to see every now.

The buzz started with one Tweet from the founder of this social media site, Michael Birch. He posted, "Am super sad the Bebo has gone. Some very fun times with very cool people #RIPbebo - keep sharing that ‘luv'!"

The users of this site after reading the tweet got distressed, with many saying they had lost thousands of memories out of the blue. False rumours on Tweeter came to an end when it was revealed that Bebo was not dead, but was just offline as a result of some minor technical issues.

Taking a closer look at this matter some latent marketing intent comes to surface, which the site may have adopted under the cover of a minor technical fault. This is slightly apparent as the site is rapidly losing users to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. There had been a time when the site really flourished in terms of the number of users. After being found by Birch and his wife back in 2005, the site was bought by AOL in 2008 for £540 million.

[Source: BBC]