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Facebook Timeline Remove Scam Unearthed

As Facebook is rolling out its new Timeline feature to all its users, a scam has been unearthed which claims that it can remove Timeline from the users profile and it seems some people are falling for this scam.

Timeline, once activated, does not allow users to move back to the earlier version of the profile. Therefore, any page or website link available on Facebook that claims that one can switch back to the previous version is nothing else but a scam.

As a matter of fact, the Facebook page that claims to "remove timeline" has actually duped good number of users and the page supposedly having instructions has been "Liked" by thousands of people. In fact, there quite a few of such pages and applications which claim that timeline can be removed.

Even though most of these pages only require users to like it spread it among their Facebook friends, one page has a website link that requires e-mail id and also tries to get the Facebook user into various promotional offers, reported PC World.

Such scams in Facebook are pretty common, for example in the past users have experienced a fake "dislike" button, hard to resist links, a video chat app and many such fake apps and pages.