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Free iPhone Tethering Capability Concealed in QuasiDisk App

An app available on App Store delivers the unexpected option of using your iPhone, the deliver of a 3G internet connection to a notebook, Chris Simpson, a developer well-known in the iPhone jailbreak community has revealed this.

As shown in a comprehensive guide posted on You Tube, the QuasiDisk app allows the iPhone to share Internet connection with a notebook (known as tethering), bypassing carrier fees for this service. For instance, an AT&T subscriber can save the $20 monthly fee by using this app, Computer World reports.

This feature didn't come with the original version of the app, the developer introduced it with the most recent update. Chris Simpson released the update on the App Store a couple days ago, although, as might be expected, the official description of the app's "what's new" section doesn't let slip the new opportunities that become available for the users.

The app is described quite plainly as a "simple file manager and file viewer." Officially QuasiDisk allows users to load files, from a third-party FTP server or sync data, with a remote device using Apple's own iCloud.

The developer explains on the YouTube video the real situation: "That's tethering from the App store without paying your carrier."

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