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French Company Crams 5-megapixels on 16mm Display

A French firm called MicroOLED has managed to squeeze a staggering 5.4 million pixels on a screen with a 0.61-inch diagonal or roughly 16mm.

In comparison, the iPhone 4S manages 614,400 pixels on a screen with a 3.5-inch diagonal which means that the microdisplay has a pixel density 27 times higher than Apple's Retina Display at 9000ppi.

MicroOLED says that the display has a sub-pixel pitch of only 4.7 micrometres by 4.7 micrometres and eliminates the gap between pixels which means that there are no black pixels.

What's more, the display has a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 and consumes a tiny 200mW, half the consumption of other similar products.

The new microdisplay paves the way for better head-mounted displays, night vision systems and other near to eye devices.

According to the company, its patents allow it to reduce issues such as colour non-uniformity as well as fixed pattern noise.

Don't expect it to come to market soon though as there are more than a few hardware obstacles on its way to universal ubiquity; for example, what kind of graphics subsystem will be needed to power this tiny monster.