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Google Defends its New Privacy Policy Plans

Google, in a blog post stated that the changes it is planning to make to its privacy policies, which have apparently have caught the eyes of US lawmakers, would not take away the control its customers have over how their data is collected and used.

Google is wrapping up its 60 privacy policies into a single one saying that it will be highly beneficial for the users. "By consolidating numerous product-specific privacy policies into one comprehensive policy, we are explaining our privacy commitments to users of those products in 85 per cent fewer words," said Pablo Chavez, Google's director of public policy, very smartly defending Google's move reports the Inquirer.

But, the US lawmakers possess different opinion regarding this transition. They questioned Google through a letter asking whether the new policy would facilitate users to opt out data sharing systems thus expressing worries about the safety of customer data.

In an answer to this concern, Chavez responded emphasising the point that the updated policy does not facilitate the company at all to collect any new or additional information about users.

The company made a smart attempt to defend its decision of unifying the policies saying it would create a delightful experience for users. The company executive further added that most of its product-specific policies already allowed information to be shared across product lines when users are signed onto their Google accounts.

Google's answers could hardly mitigate US lawmaker's concerns and a letter was sent to the FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz asking for a check on whether Google violated any consumer privacy norms.