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iPad Propels Apple past HP in Global 'PC Market'

Research firm Canalys announced recently that the iPad-maker has stormed past HP to secure first position within the global PC market. However, in order for Apple to be considered the leader, analysts have to take into account not only desktops, netbooks and notebooks, but also tablets.

Apple managed to ship more than 15 million iPads and only five million Macs during the last quarter of 2011. This shipment volume equates to almost 17% of the total 120 million PCs sold globally, leaving HP trailing in 2nd place with 12.7%.

The PC market itself largely owes its 16% year-on-year growth to tablets. Without this new trendy product, the PC market would have to admit a decline of 0.4% compared to the previous year.

One event that affected important suppliers and consequently the market, was the floods in Thailand, which influenced the shipments in the fourth quarter of 2011, and we are probably still going to see the effects in the first quarter of this year.

The second place in the PC market (or first in PC minus tablet) belongs to the long-time leader, HP. Tim Coulling, Canalys analyst explains HP's response in the tablet sector after ditching the TouchPad: "Currently, HP is pursuing a Windows strategy for its pad portfolio, producing enterprise-focused products, such as the recently launched Slate 2, until the launch of Windows 8. However, questions remain over Microsoft's entry into the consumer pad space."

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