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iPhone 4S Rival Alert : RIM Blackberry London 10 Superphone Appears

A slide featuring what looks like the first picture of the RIM Blackberry 10 Superphone has appeared online courtesy of Crackberry.

The handset, codenamed London, is said to be a "phonified" BlackBerry PlayBook with "rounded corners" and the "all-black look" of the first RIM tablet, according to Crackberry.

The picture shows a full size touchscreen handset with what we guess is a 16:10 screen ratio (800x500 pixels?) with no apparent physical button, a rear flushed camera with flash and a design that looks like an iPhone 4S.

The slide reads "hardware and platform, fused into one polished experience", with a dramatic shift in user interface.

Crackberry reckons that RIM will use both TI OMAP5 processors and Qualcomm Snapdragon ones (in both cases, 1.5GHz dual core models) with the latter aimed at CDMA carriers.

The London superphone is said to debut in the UK later this year, perhaps at the annual RIM Blackberry Event in the second half of 2012.

RIM has had a torrid start to 2012 with the Canadian company losing its Co-CEOs with a new one joining. It has also suffered from the ongoing competition from Apple and Android smartphones which rival it both when it comes to price and features.

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