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iPhone Owners Culpable for Increasing Levels of Insurance Fraud

One of the most important players on the UK insurance market, CPP Group, warns that high-end smartphones, in particular the iPhone, are the main culprits for the growing number of fake mobile insurance claims over the last three years.

The company picks out Apple's handsets, BlackBerry and HTC devices as those most fraudulent claims are related to. CPP Group announced that 59% of the fraud claims are from iPhone owners while BlackBerry smartphone users are responsible for 25% of the insurance scams.

Jasper Jackson from Mobile News published a report recently, revealing the findings which are based on "insurers who run schemes for most of the UK's major mobile operators and high-street banks."

A trend could be noticed, as the number of fake insurance claims rises significantly around the time when new high-end models are announced or introduced to the market.

When it comes to figures, CPP managed to discover 611 fraudulent claims in December, almost double compared to the same month in the previous year when 332 fake claims were identified. Apparently 10% of the total insurance claims are dishonest, according to the insurance giant's findings.

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