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Late News: Megaupload Data Safe for Two More Weeks, Bebo not Dead, Sky to Offer Fibre Broadband

Customers of troubled online file sharing platform Megaupload, who were using the site for legitimate purposes before it was force closed by the US government earlier in the month, may get a chance to retrieve their data, according to a new report. There were reports that the US authorities were planning to delete all the data stored in Megaupload servers this Thursday itself.

A new rumour surfaced on the microblogging site Twitter on Monday that the social networking platform Bebo had been shutdown. Though the rumours were not confirmed by any authentic sources, it managed to create quite some buzz in the media. Apparently, what social media enthusiasts from all around were wondering was - whether the site had been really shut down or it was just one of those cheap publicity stunts that we get to see every now.

Consumer electronics giant Samsung has officially made a statement to the press regarding their yet-to-be-announced flagship Samsung Galaxy S III handset, where it has noted the device will no longer be unveiled at the MWC in Barcelona, at the end of this February.

Sky has announced that it is going to make available its copper-based broadband services to nearly 90 per cent of UK households by end of next year. Along with that, the company also disclosed that its fibre based offering will make its debut in the country sometime during April this year.

Modern visionary and Apple co-founder, late Steve Jobs, preferred vinyl records over any other contemporary gadgets. According to Neil Young, the late mastermind who gave the world iPod actually listened to vinyl records and not his own creation. While, talking at the technology conference, rock star Young said that Jobs preferred vinyl record over iPod's digitally-compressed files because of better sound quality.