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LG To Launch Triple-SIM Handset Soon

LG will launch a feature phone with three SIM slots in Russia; the LG A290 is the second multi SIM phone we have seen after the one released by Nokia late last year (the X2-02) and Samsung's high end S II Duos.

The A290 has an old-fashioned chocolate bar form factor, a 2.2-inch display with a 176x220 pixel resolution, a 1.3-megapixel camera, a surprisingly big 1500mAh battery and will be on sale for around 75 Euros from the end of the month.

According to GSMArena, LG hasn't said whether the phone will go on sale outside Russia or whether all three SIM cards will be concurrently active.

We fail to see the lure of a triple-SIM phone, at least in the UK. Other than the fact that it allows you to have multiple phone numbers, surely the hassle of juggling between SIM cards, even if they are physically in the same phone, could prove confusing.

Still, there are some cases where multiple SIM cards could come in handy, but in smartphones rather than feature phones. For example when having local and international SIM cards, or one for accessing the web via tethering.

Last month, we reported about an unknown phone seller, Necola Mobile, which sold a dual SIM touchscreen handset, the NX9, via Gumtreedeals for a mere £23, possibly a better deal than the A290.

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