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Man Uses Smartphone App to Dupe Men using Girl’s Voice in India

Owner of a "friendship club" spoke in feminine voice and lured a number of people to deposit huge amount of money in bank accounts following which he would terminate the "friendship". The culprit with the help of a smartphone app talked in feminine voice to put to practice his notorious intentions.

In the month of December, crime branch in India unmasked a "Cool club India" named friendship club that duped many people monetarily including a former commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and a police officer.

On digging further the police discovered that the racket is bigger than it seems and finally came across one Sanjeev Chaturvedi, in whose bank account the money of the victims was deposited. When police arrested Chaturvedi they recovered a number of China made mobile phones along with 15 to 20 SIM cards.

Interestingly, all the recovered phones had special software which can convert male voice into female voice. As stated by the crime branch officer, on the condition of anonymity, "There are options in the phone where one can speak in the voice of a woman, child, and an elderly person. Chaturvedi used the phone to speak to male customers from the friendship club," reported Mid Day.

Under the "friendship club" tag Chaturvedi initiated conversation with the victims in a feminine voice and to continue the service asked them to pay security deposit. After deposits were made the calls would just stop.