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McAfee Releases Mobile Security 2.0 Software

McAfee has released the second version of its mobile security software called Mobile Security 2.0 for smartphones and tablets. The new version of the software comes at a time when malware is on a rise on mobile platforms such as the Android causing grave security concerns.

McAfee realises that it can generate substantial revenue with the launch of this software, given the increasing popularity of devices like smartphones and tablets. McAfee is aiming to capture a large portion of the mobile user market as it has marked the price at £24 per year.

John Thode, EVP and general manager of consumer, mobile and small business at McAfee spoke, "It is increasingly clear that using a smartphone without security means any sensitive information, such as photo, band account information or company data on that mobile device is at risk of falling into the wrong hands," reported the Inquirer.

The software is equipped with a new feature called the app alert system that monitors and provides information about how your apps access data. There is also a facility of filtering which enables the user to block unwanted calls and spam text messages.

Mobile Security 2.0 is designed such that it is compatible with Android, Blackberry and Symbian devices, but the app alert is only available for Android.