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Megaupload Users May get Opportunity to Retrieve Legitimate Content

Customers of troubled online file sharing platform Megaupload, who were using the site for legitimate purposes before it was force closed by the US government earlier in the month, may get a chance to retrieve their data, according to a new report.

There were reports that the US authorities were planning to delete all the data stored in Megaupload servers this Thursday itself. Authorities defended the proposed move by stating that Megaupload was hosting billions of dollars worth of copyrighted material on its servers for illegitimate free distribution.

However, authorities did not clarify whether or not they were going to allow innocent users of the site to retrieve their legitimate data.

But now, an attorney for Megaupload has assured that the company is currently negotiating with federal prosecutors for facilitating a way out for innocent users to get their legitimate data back.

"It is entirely in the hands of the government whether they want to free up the funds so that Megaupload could pay for bandwidth and hosting costs and make consumer data available," Ira Rothken, one of the attorneys for Megaupload, explained, reports the Wall Street Journal.