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Neil Young: I Hate Digital Music, Piracy is The New Radio

Neil Young, in a recent interview expressed his sheer dislike for digital music in a rather bold way. Apparently the renowned musician, who some time back used to admire Apple by labelling it as the "Fisher-Price" of sound quality, is now asserting a sarcastic tone towards the digital music trend of current time.

His exact words were, "I hate digital music" claiming that even that late Steve jobs preferred to listen to vinyl instead of his own company's inventions. While having a conversation with Peter Kafka and Walt Mossberg at the Dive Into Media conference, Neil Young said that while Steve Jobs was a pioneer of digital music distribution, "when he went home, he listened to vinyl".

The thought that Young is trying to convey is that he wants to save the world from over compressed sound. He says that as long as you do not mind a 30 minute download, the device he is trying to produce will obtain music at the highest possible resolution. Young did not leave a chance of defaming the digital world of music. He said that the quality of music is suffering a lot. He stated that, "Piracy is the new radio; it is how music gets around".

Young sounded a bit lamenting when he stated that nobody goes for higher quality digital audio downloads, but he still has expresses a hope saying, "Some rich guy will pick up the ball".

Young's aim is not to create a negative atmosphere against digital music. He says that, "My goal is to try to rescue the art form that I have been practicing for the past 50 years.

[Source: All Things D]