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Nintendo to make 3DS Wi-Fi free at Hotspots

Nintendo has signed a deal with to allow users of the 3DS handheld console to get free, high speed internet access on the move at over 5,000 sites across Europe.

Most of these will be located in restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets and hotels, specifically Etap hotels. Anyone wanting to access these hotspots will need the Nintendo browser as well as a specific system update. Interestingly though, the Guardian reports that once these steps have been taken, a 3DS handheld will connect to available Wi-Fi networks even if the console is in sleep mode.

Is it just me or does that sound like some sort of exploitation waiting to happen?

Nintendo has been looking to expand its store platform in preparation for the release of the Wii U - bringing faster internet to the 3DS is part of that. Gamers will be able to use the Spotpass system to download videos, games, demos and more.

Head of Nintendo Satoru Iwata, recently discussed that he wanted to allow for the purchasing of downloadable content (DLC) via the company's online store. While Nintendo has offered DLC in the past it has always been for free. Adding a price tag to extra levels and visual options he said, would allow for games to have a longer life in terms of play time and as part of gaming groups.

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