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Nokia to Rollout Symbian Belle Update on February 8?

Nokia's rejuvenated entry into the smartphone market with Windows Phones came as a major worrying factor for all Symbian loyalists as they feared that the company would be abandoning its home grown OS platform soon.

However, much to the relief of all those worrying fans, a new report has emerged that the Finnish mobile giant is preparing to dish out Symbian Belle update in February.

The rumours of an imminent Belle update have been going on for a while now, however, this happens to be first ever time when a specific date has been given - and better still - the day is just a week apart. Apparently, the date, which is Feb 8, has been leaked by none other than Nokia itself - accidentally though.

According to reports, the date was mentioned on the website of Nokia's Vietnam wing for a brief time. However, it was soon removed thereafter, but the damage had already been done as a handful of website already took screenshots of the page.

"Aside from stating the February 8, 2012 launch, the update won't be done over the air. Due to its large size, it requires downloading to a PC first and then moving to the handset via USB," reads a report by Waleg.