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Over 60% of Mobile Users in America Call from Bathroom

A significant portion of the cellphone users in the US have the habit of making phone calls while using the washroom revealed a new study.

The study, which saw participation from 1000 individuals from all over the US, was carried out by the research firm 11mark, and according to its findings, at least 63 percent of cellphone users in the country make phone calls from their bathrooms.

11mark further stated that, if other cellphone related activities such as texting, web browsing, using apps or online shopping etc. are taken in to account, the figure goes all the way to 75 percent.

Interestingly, the trend is more common amongst the younger population from the age group of 28 to 35, wherein 9 out of every 10 participants in the study from this age group admitted that they had the habit of carrying their cellphones to the toilet.

"This study confirms what we all know - that the last private place is no longer private. And, that the ‘mobile-everywhere' phenomenon is flushing out a host of new opportunities for savvy communicators," Nicole Burdette of 11mark stated, reports Boy Genius Report.