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Sky’s Copper-based Broadband to Reach Nearly 90% of Brits

Sky has announced that it is going to make available its copper-based broadband services, to nearly 90 per cent of UK households by end of next year. Along with, the company also disclosed that its fibre based offering will make its debut in the country sometime during April this year.

Sky is planning to extend its copper-based broadband network to 88 per cent of the country by adding somewhere around 1.5 million more households.

Meanwhile, the company's fibre based network, likely to start its journey in the market from April 2012, will be offering download speeds up to 40 Mbps. Sky also stated that the fibre network will be made available to subscribers for just £20 per month and that it won't come with any data-usage caps.

"Using BT's infrastructure, our fibre product will initially be available to just under 30 per cent of UK households, with coverage set to grow over time," Sky said in its Q4 2011 earnings report, ZDNet reports.

"With this new addition to our product portfolio, we will provide customers with even more choice in home communications and, at the same time, make an attractive on-going return for our business," the company added.