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Sony Xperia S Anti-Stain Feature Demonstrated In Video

Just a day after a report was released regarding the Sony Xperia S anti-stain coating, a video has surfaced demonstrating the latest technology. Published by the Mobile-Review team, the video shows a white Xperia S which is scribbled on with a pen.

Whilst this may seem like a complete and utter disaster, its anti-stain coating prevents any kind of damages, which could have been caused had the screen not been protected. Yet the scribbling disappears after the screen is wiped with a wet cloth - making it look as good as new, reported Xperia blog.

Earlier reports suggested that the Sony Xperia S would consist of two very unique features - one being the anti-stain shell, and the other being a fast charging battery. The company did mention this on their Facebook page, but nothing was crystal clear - with Sony even refusing to further elaborate on it.

Further details reveal that the device will have a special nano coating which will not only be dirt repellent, but also UV Active.

Now that we've been granted a glimpse into this technology, we'll just have to wait and see how the smartphone market will react to it.

ITProPortal exclusively gained access to the Sony Xperia S, a week before it was actually announced - check out our hands-on pictures here.