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Steve Jobs Listened to Vinyl not iPod

Modern visionary and Apple co-founder, late Steve Jobs, preferred vinyl records over any other contemporary gadgets. According to Neil Young, the late mastermind who gave the world iPod actually listened to vinyl records and not his own creation.

While, talking at the technology conference, rock star Young said that Jobs preferred vinyl record over iPod's digitally-compressed files because of better sound quality. Young stated, "Steve Jobs was a pioneer of digital music. His legacy is tremendous. But when he went home, he listened to vinyl".

In fact, he discussed about creating a file format with Jobs which will be allowing music to stay closer to the original form and not being compressed. He also commented that other modern music formats like MP3 are even though more convenient, they do not provide original sound.

Even though Young admitted that they did not have any practical plan to develop that format, Jobs was keen to be associated with it before his demise in the month of October 2011. Young mentioned, "You've got to believe if he lived long enough he would eventually try to do what I'm trying to do."

[Source: All Things D]