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Study Finds 52% Americans Using Mobile Phone While Shopping

A recent research report by Pew American and Internet Life Project suggests that more than 50 per cent people are now opting for mobile phones for all their shopping affairs.

According to the study a large number of adult cellphone owners use their mobiles to call up their friends seeking help for their purchase decisions, while they are in stores. 65 per cent of people subjected to the survey in a shopping mall said that they used their mobile devices to find a retailer to make an in store purchase.

Another estimate by Mobile Commerce report suggests that 33 per cent of consumers used their phones to look for product reviews or pricing while they were inside a store.

The main reason of mobile becoming a full fledged shopping gadget is the comfort it provides to the customers. Customers can now easily avoid the long queues in malls and comfortably make their purchases through their mobile phones.

"It demonstrates that an opportunity, as well as a sense of urgency, exists for retailers to engage customers before they arrive at a brick-and-mortar, and continue the conversation after the visit to a brick-and-mortar," Dan Israel of SapientNitro explained, as reported by Media Post.