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T-Mobile Debuts iPhone 4, HTC Sensation XE, Lumia 800 On Full Monty Unlimited Package

Mobile phone operator T-Mobile is now offering a choice of 34 handsets on its newly-introduced Full Monty packages, with one of them being the cheapest unlimited deal in the UK.

Users get unlimited texts, cross network minutes and data (including Wi-Fi courtesy of BT Openzone) for as little as £41; the Apple iPhone 4 16GB, the HTC Sensation XE and the Nokia Lumia 800 are on offer although you can also choose cheaper models (like the sub-£100 T-Mobile Vivacity).

O2 also offers an unlimited package for £60 on a two year contract, but the deal doesn't include unlimited data or tethering; you only get 100MB.

The closest thing on the market is the £25 The One Plan from Three which offers 2000 minutes, 5000 texts and unlimited data with tethering, but no Wi-Fi.

T-Mobile also offers a cheaper Full Monty package that comes with 2000 minutes and unlimited T-Mobile calls for £36.

Unfortunately, the package doesn't include the swappable boosters which were hitherto available and includes free calls to Europe and other selected countries.

Expect Three Networks to debut a similar (and possibly cheaper) package fairly soon as it fends off competition from Everything Everywhere's budget brand.

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