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THQ to lay off 170 Employees

THQ is set to lay off over 170 employees from various studios though no word yet on which ones will be affected - though, likely not the main internal ones.

The publishing giant that's responsible for some pretty large game franchises, including the Saints Row series and Dawn of War games, has been in the news a lot recently with announcements of restructuring and refocusing. It recently stated that developments of child friendly titles would be put on hold and that many members of the admin and publishing arms of the business would be losing their jobs.

So far only fourteen people in Australia have been confirmed firings, though it was revealed that the Japan office would be closing completely.

The announcement of the new firings was made by industry busy body Kevin Dent on his Twitter. "This is probably going to break in the morning, I have sat on it for a week or so. The culling at THQ was 170+ souls including Mark DeLoura."

Mr Dent evidently figured out a method to find out what was doing on which he later leaked in another tweet.

"A smart journalist would send THQ's VP of Tech Mark DeLoura an email and see what the auto reply says."

THQ has also been threatened with a delisting from the Nasdaq stock exchange if it doesn't get its stock price over $1 per share by the middle of the year.

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