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£349 Samsung LE40D503F 40-inch HD 1080p LCD TV with Built-in Freeview

The Samsung LE40D503F LCD TV is equipped with some great features that are must have in current times and with a price tag that is lower than its competitors in this segment.

Capable of full HD 1080 display, the LCD TV lets you enjoy movies in stunning clarity through a Blu-ray player. If you are a console game enthusiast, the TV would provide you with a great visual platform where you can enjoy judder-free stunning graphics for all your games.

Samsung has built the LCD such that it delivers smoother, more film-like image, which will satisfy sports and movie lovers alike. Thanks to the 1080p signal capabilities, the image is display "progressively" or all at once, rather than in an "interlaced" fashion.

The LCD TV is equipped with two HDMI connections enabling you to connect Blu-ray players, consoles, HD set-top boxes or camcorders and thanks to the USB port, you can now view photos and video from a pen drive or an external HDD directly onto the massive 40-inch LCD.

Audio isn't bad either as two 10W speakers output crisp sound output that is backed by SRS TheatreSound, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Pulse. The TV comes with 5 year guarantee giving you a complete peace of mind.

John Lewis is offering the Samsung LE40D503F 40-inch HD 1080p LCD TV with Built-in Freeview for £349.