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£67.98 Novatech NOV-NLCD19 nVision Pro 19” Widescreen LCD Monitor

The NOV-NLCD19 nVision pro widescreen LCD monitor from Novatech is a slim, stylish and one that wouldn't break the aesthetics of your room display ideal for home as well as office environment.

Featuring specifications that are more or less at par with the LCD monitors from top brands, the nVision Pro monitor offers you great colour reproduction and a dynamic contrast ratio of 10000:1. Blessed with a fast response time of 2ms, this monitor provides you fluid-like smooth display even for fast moving action sequence in your favourite movies and games.

The 19-inch screen is ideal for work environments allowing you to arrange multiple windows across the display thus reducing toggling between windows when you are working on multiple applications at the same time.

The monitor is also equipped with 2x2W speakers that would provide you with a low-level audio that none the less would be ideal to play soft music while you feel like relaxing. The monitor is wall mountable as well in case you are running short of space on your desk.

The Novatech NOV-NLCD19 nVision pro 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor is available directly from Novatech for £67.98 delivered.