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£99.99 LG IPS225V 22-inch IPS Widescreen Monitor

The LG IPS225V is one of those Advanced High Performance IPS Widescreen Monitors that would reproduce the same colour from any angle unlike other monitors that display images with major colour shifts depending upon the angle of view.

Equipped with mega contrast ratio, the LED backlight monitor reproduces the images in brighter, clearer colours. Thanks to the IPS technology, the response time is consistent thus allowing you to enjoy your videos, movies, games for long hours without stressing out your eyes.

The monitor comes with another great feature called the Dual Package that enables the user to have Dual Monitor, Dual Taskbar and Dual Web for improved work efficiency through touch of a button. The LG IPS225V is capable of saving more than 55% energy compared to conventional LCD monitors and more than 25% compared to conventional LED monitors.

The display size is 21.5" which is appropriate for work environments as well as office users would be able to arrange multiple windows without overlaps. The glossy black finish would add to the overall aesthetics of your home or office. In terms of inputs, the monitor contains D-Sub, DVI-D and HDMI ports.

The LG IPS225V 22-inch IPS Widescreen Monitor is available from Amazon for £99.99.