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Amazon Reveals Clue about iPad 3 Release Date

Amazon France has managed to fuel the increasingly frenetic rumours and fire up Apple fans, as they await the release of the next generation tablet.

Two new titles have appeared in Amazon's online library, both of them dedicated to future iPad 3 owners, though unsurprisingly neither is available just yet.

The books are in French and German, iPad 3 pour les nuls - or iPad 3 for Dummies, and Auf die Schnelle iPad 3 - somewhat idiomatically iPad 3 in a Hurry or iPad 3 on the Fly, for readers who want to check the information for themselves.

According to Amazon, the French book is going to be released on 29th March, which would confirm most of the rumours about the iPad 3 launch date.

Other hearsay about the upcoming iPad includes the much higher resolution Retina-ish Display, which most pundits agree on, as well as LTE support for fast 4G connectivity.

Previously Amazon France has let slip hints in a similar manner about yet-to-be-released Apple products. Not all of these proved to be accurate however; as with the book "iLife 10 pour les nuls," which had a release date for September 23rd 2010, though Apple's 'iLife 10' product never hit the market - iLife 11 was released a month later.

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