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Amazon S3 Hosting 720 Billion Objects

Amazon Web Services has disclosed that its cloud storage service is currently hosting 762 billion objects. Interestingly, the figure in 2011 has almost tripled from the figures of the year 2010.

Amazon Simple Storage Service's, also called Amazon S3, figures have increased by 500 billion year-on-year thus reflecting a 192 per cent growth. In fact, since its launch in the year 2006 the service has been making rapid progress, however, the rise between 2010 and 2011 is biggest in the history of the service.

The company also disclosed that they are processing more than 500,000 requests per second during peak periods. Even though many reports suggest that this rate is due to low deletion rate, senior web services evangelist at Amazon, Jeff Barr, disclosed that the latest Multi-Object Deletion as well as Object Expiration helps in removing objects faster.

Further, Barr added that, "As you can imagine, building, running and adding new features to a system as large and as complex as S3 is no simple task," reported Cloud Pro.

Amazon's S3 is simple storage service which is a scalable platform for cloud computing for the developers who have to deal with objects that measure between 1 byte to 5 terabytes in size.