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ARM CEO Expects Windows 8 to Outrun Android in Tablet Race

It is no longer a secret that Microsoft is going to dish out its forthcoming OS Windows 8 not just for AMD and Intel's x86 based platforms, but also for ARM processors. ARM's chief executive Warren East, while disclosing the company's financial reports for the year 2011, gave his views on the new generation tablet devices powered by Windows 8.

Apparently, the ARM CEO believes that, there is a high probability of Windows 8 outperforming its arch rival Android OS in the global tablet arena sometime soon. According to Mr East, the primary reason behind Windows 8's (future) pwnage over Google's Android could be attributed to Microsoft's brand name as well the mass availability of the Windows OS family.

Google, no doubt, is an equally powerful competitor in the market as Microsoft happens to be, however there is actually no huge product family line-up as in case of Microsoft.

"Consumers are familiar with Microsoft and very familiar with Windows and they're less familiar with an Android environment. Microsoft has an awareness advantage with consumers that the Android folks didn't have," East stated, notes.

"It's up to Microsoft [and we'll see] how well they're going to exploit that advantage. But I think that's a fundamental difference," he added.