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Facebook Releases Usage Statistics: 845 Million Users, 2.7 Billion Daily Likes and Comments

After a series of rumours and speculations, Facebook finally filed its initial public offering on Wednesday in order to go public, and on that note, the company also provided its updated user and usage statistics.

According to the company's updated statistics, as of December 31 last year, the site had a total of 845 million active monthly users - up from 800 million since the company's last announcement in September 2011. In addition, the company also confirmed that the daily number of "likes" and "comments" on the site has climbed all the way up to 2.7 billion.

Out of the total of 845 million active users, 161 million were from the US alone whereas the user bases in India and Brazil stood at 46 million and 37 million respectively.

The company further claimed that 60 per cent of all web users in the US and UK were active users of Facebook.

"It looks like the overall monthly users growth is slowing, which I don't think was much of a surprise to anyone," Forrester analyst Nate Elliott expressed his opinion about the newly released statistics in an interview with VentureBeat.

"But one interesting tidbit about growth is if you compare the daily active users to the monthly active users (year-over-year) the ratio went up. That's a very good sign," he added.