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Facebook Sees Google+, Twitter as Competitors; Mobile Shift as a Hurdle

Facebook faces threat to its growth rate and cites competition from Google and Twitter as the major reason for the impediment in its progress. According to Facebook's latest perceptions, it is undoubtedly going to face a cut throat competition in China if the company is finally able to gain an entry to that market. At present Facebook is banned in the Asian economic powerhouse.

Facebook is apprehensive of a tactical move that competitors like Google and Twitter can take to outsmart it. Facebook is quite certain that Google could manipulate its dominant position in one or more markets to gain competitive advantage over itself. Google's further strategy to outperform Facebook could be to integrate competing social networking platforms or features in products they control.

Given Facebook's remarkable image and popularity among users and advertisers, it has attracted more rivals. The company is confronting significant competition in almost every aspect of its business.

Facebook has also expressed its worries about the company's existing mobile strategy. Almost all its revenue comes from ads delivered to computers. Facebook's current mobile software is not yielding any fruits for the company - at least not as much as Mark Zuckerberg and his men would like to see it yielding.

[Source: Bloomberg]