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Facebook Spammers Utilising Amazon S3

Spam campaigns against Facebook users is not a new trend and such attacks have been going on ever since the site started climbing up the ladder of popularity at a rapid pace. However, according to new report, attackers are now increasingly using Amazon's cloud services to accomplish their malicious spamming activities against the 845 million strong user base of the site.

Security company F-Secure in a blog post mentioned that Facebook is doing well to stop and block the spammers from reaching the users of the popular social network. But, the firm also added that spammers are smart enough to use Amazon's highly popular S3 cloud storage service for hosting their fake surveys as well as URLs. This eventually allows the cyber stalkers to invade Facebook and attract gullible users.

The official F-Secure blog states that use of S3 service actually solves many problems for the perpetrators, first the S3 is less expensive to set up, thus, they can still make money from surveys and secondly, as Facebook is very successful in blocking URLs that are linked to spam, having scam code in reliable domain like provides better chance to break through Facebook's protection.

Chief research officer at F-Secure, Mikko Hypponen told Cloud Pro, "We have seen some cloud hosting services abused before, but not like this".