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Google Says Gmail has 350 Million Active Users

It seems like Google is just on the verge of creating yet another milestone as its popular email service Gmail is closing in on the arch rival Microsoft's Hotmail. The web search giant claims that Gmail currently enjoy a massive 350 million active user-base.

The figure was disclosed by Google last week while publishing its quarterly earnings results for Q4 2011. In October last year, Google announced that the active user base of Gmail had surpassed the 260 million mark, meaning the email service has managed to bag 90 million additional users within just three months.

Microsoft on the other hand, announced in March 2010 that its Hotmail had bagged 369 million active users. However, no further details have been provided by the software giant ever since.

Meanwhile, in a related development Google CEO Larry Page recently announced that the company's flagship social media platform Google Plus was having 90 million users worldwide - the figure being almost twice of what it used to just three months back. The company also bragged that during Q4 2011, it managed to pocket $10 billion in revenue.