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Hotmail Ads To Become Hotmail Deals?

Yesterday saw founding principal Greg Terlings of consulting and research firm Sterling Market Intelligence (SMI) state that Microsoft will soon be replacing conventional Hotmail ads with Hotmail deals, with the new ads to feature Bing deals, MSN offers and many more.

So far the big switch has been tested in quite a few cities, and if sources are to be believed then it may be keeping a low profile for the time being. Sterling also stated that Dharmesh Mehta, Director for Windows and Windows Live Business Group, has a firm belief that the user will approve of the new ads as they will be "less distracting" as well as less "creepy" in nature for its users.

Marketing Land's post goes on to clarify the difference between the present display ads and the upcoming "deals".

On being asked about the origins of the deals, Mehta said some were directly sourced by the Mountain View based software company while the rest were aggregated from their partners. Further reports suggest that the company will also be checking out various different models as well as approaches.

It is reported that the latest deals will be targeted at users based on their country, gender, language and age, whilst it is expected that the company may allow its users to select their preferred categories, reported Live Side.