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Intel CFO Having an Easy Time

Intel's chief financial officer (CFO), Stacy Smith has said that he's having a much easier time as of late thanks to improved confidence of investors.

This is understandable since last year the chip giant - and by proxy the CFO - was under fire from stock holders for the slow uptake of new processor lines and overall poor PC sales. However now in early 2012, with Ivy Bridge just around the corner and Ultrabooks growing in popularity, Intel is doing far better and Mr Smith has a much easier life.

"A year ago, the concerns were that the drivers of the market weren't going to let Intel grow and that there was something inherent in our architecture that precluded us from being able to participate in fast growing parts of the market," Smith said in an interview on Wednesday. "Fast forward a year and we've alleviated both of those concerns."

Another reason Intel is coasting at the moment is it looks set to finally enter something competitive in the mobile market. Until recently Intel has struggled to shrink down it's powerful x86 architecture with most smartphones using hardware from rival chip firm ARM.

As Reuters reports though, now it has the new Medfield architecture to base its smartphone offerings on, Intel looks set to finally make some headway in the mobile sector. Motorola and Lenovo have both already licensed the new technology, based on Intel's 32nm process.

"We're cleanly in the game. We're among the best today with the current generation and it will extend out over time," Smith said.

He also took this press opportunity to assure stock holders that Intel's record $12.5 billion spending throughout 2011 would not be repeated. From now on it will decrease and if all things go well, revenue will rise despite the still somewhat slowed global PC sales.

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