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Intel Shows Off Atom Server SoC

Intel has announced that it is currently testing a new Atom based system-on chip for servers. The revelation came from one of the company's top executives while addressing the media at a press conference held in San Francisco.

The press conference saw the company announcing a new low power system based on its own Xeon line of processors. According to the company, the new Atom based chip will be a sub-10W, 64-bit device with a PCI Express interface, designed to support ECC memory as well as the hyperthreading and virtualisation technology.

Experts are of the view that since the product extends its compatibility with hyperthreading, it is likely to come up with dual core feature. Meanwhile, the press conference saw the company's manager for data centre Jason Waxman giving a demonstration of a newly unveiled low-power, highly dense Xeon-based server from SeaMicro.

Andrew Feldman, founder and chief executive of SeaMicro gave an insight into company's forthcoming product line by stating: "We will definitely sell more Xeon systems because Atom is a newer footprint and slower to be adopted while Xeon is in mainstream of what people use today," EE Times reports.