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Mac OS X 10.7.3 Released

Technology giant Apple has dished out the much awaited Mac OS X Lion update - OS X version 10.7.3 which brings along with it several bug fixes for improved performance and compatibility, as well as the Safari 5.3.1.

The update also adds several new languages and RAW image file support for new cameras. The new languages now supported include Catalan, Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovak, Thai, and Ukrainian. RAW image file support is also now applicable to several new cameras, including the latest Olympus PEN cameras, the Nikon J1 and V1, and the latest Sony Alpha and NEX cameras. The update is over 700MB in size and is now available for download.

The update also gets rid of an ‘annoying' Wi-Fi connectivity issue. A few other technical limitations, such as the lack of compatibility with Microsoft Windows file sharing and printing functionality; as well as lack of support for Microsoft Word documents etc. have been addressed by this update.

Meanwhile, the Cupertino based iPhone maker has predicted that in the last quarter of 2011, it had sold somewhere around 5.2 million Macs - 26 per cent more than where the figure stood a year back.

Find the release notes here.