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Mozilla Patches 8 Vulnerabilities with Firefox 10

As part of latest iteration of its rapid release schedule, Mozilla released an update to patch eight vulnerabilities present in the Firefox browser. Since mid-2011 Mozilla has been releasing updates every six weeks and the latest Firefox 10 is its sixth release in that line.

Out of the 8 vulnerabilities that it fixes, 6 are rated as "critical" which is company's highest threat rank and two are considered as "high". One of the vulnerability, which has been cured via Firefox 10, exposed users to cross-site scripting (XSS) attack as the browser fails to run security scan on untrusted scripting objects, as stated by the company. The update also works on other bugs which forces the browser to crash.

An accompanying advisory in Mozilla's official website stated that, "The fix enables the Script Security Manager (SSM) to force security checks on all frame scripts."

The company also claimed that Firefox 10 has a number of features important for developers. However, for the users there is one noticeable change which is the ability of the browser to mark automatically almost all the add-ons that are compatible with every upgrade.

Firefox 10 for Windows, Linux and Mac are available in Mozilla website to be manually downloaded and those who are using Firefox 4 and latest version will get the update via browser's update mechanism, reported Computer World.