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Noon News: Facebook IPO and Usage Statistics, Single Government Domain Beta, Late 2012 Launch for Apple TV

Almost eight years after he founded Facebook in a Harvard dorm room, Mark Zuckerberg finally confirmed on Wednesday that the company has decided to join the US stock exchange. The deal could value Facebook at approximately $100 billion, with Zuckerbergs's stake in the firm standing at $28 billion.

After a series of rumours and speculations, Facebook finally filed its initial public offering on Wednesday in order to go public, and on that note, the company also provided its updated user and usage statistics. According to the company's updated statistics, as of December 31 last year, the site had a total of 845 million active monthly users - up from 800 million since the company's last announcement in September 2011.

The first beta of Cabinet Office's much talked about single domain website project has been made available for public scrutiny, while the previous version of the site, dubbed has been brought to an end according to new reports. Deputy Director of the single government website project, Tom Loosemore stated in a blog post that the development process of will go through three distinct phases.

T-Mobile has quietly amended its data options and now offers four different packages, a move that is likely to confuse users and increase the price of the service for some of them. Basic internet, T-Mobile says, has a 100MB allowance with the next step up, Standard internet, upping this to 750MB with 3GB Wi-Fi, followed by 1.5GB with 3GB Wi-Fi for Extra internet and 5GB with 10GB Wi-Fi for Super Internet.

Analysts predict that Apple is soon going to revamp the television market with its next big offering - an Apple branded television set. It was assumed by analysts that the technology pioneer is going to sell 6.6 million Apple TV set-top boxes in 2009 and launch a full blown TV set. But, after witnessing that Apple was still selling fewer than 3 million units a year, analysts had to scale down their expectations.