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Panasonic Demoes Amazing WiGig Tablet

Japanese tech giant Panasonic has showcased a prototype tablet that can transmit a full DVD video in 60 seconds, according to, using its proprietary wireless transmitting technology WiGig (short for Wireless Gigabit).

The protocol works best at short distances, less than 10 feet (three metres), compared to up to 33 feet for Bluetooth and around 100 feet (30 metres) for Wi-Fi.

Its v1.1 iteration allows data transfers of up to 7Gbps, or roughly 880MBps over a short distance using the 60GHz frequency band, much more compared to the ubiquitous USB 2.0 protocol (480Mbps maximum) and ten times faster than 802.11n as well.

Transferring a whole 4.7GB video requires in theory less than six seconds, which means that there is still room for improvement in the prototype.

The tablet, which wasn't named, looked like the new Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition with its signature corners and the same form factor. Panasonic is also developing WiGig SD cards (and readers) that could revolutionise the way data is transferred between devices; WiGig compatible handsets are also in the pipeline.

Given that semiconductor heavyweights like Qualcomm, Intel, Marvell, AMD and Nokia are part of the alliance, expect WiGig to become widespread soon.

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