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RunCore Announces New Pro-V Max SSD

RunCore has announced the release of a new "velocious" SATA III solid state disk (SSD) known as the Pro-V Max.

"The new 2.5" SATA3, 6Gbs, drive is the nice addition to our existing portfolio of SSD products," said the statement from the firm. The Pro-V Max uses a Sandforce SF-2281 controller with what is described as an "optimised firmware", known as the Golden FW.

Sustained read and write speeds are right up there, at 560MBps/520MBps respectively. Burst IOPS (input output operations per second) is 87k, with a sustained IOPS of 60k. "The Pro-V MAX is ideal for use in gaming machines, HPC & datacenter servers," said Amy Wang, VP of Strategies and Business Product Development of RunCore.

The Pro-V Max is available in a variety of capacities, running from 60GB, through 120GB and 240GB to the maximum of 480GB.

Other technologies that this SSD apparently uses include DuraWrite and RAISE, which as per RunCore will enhance reliability.

Velocious is a good word. I'm going to remember that one.