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Single Government Domain Gets First Beta

The first beta of Cabinet Office's much talked about single domain website project has been made available for public scrutiny, while the previous version of the site, dubbed has been brought to an end according to new reports.

Deputy Director of the single government website project, Tom Loosemore stated in a blog post that the development process of will go through three distinct phases.

Loosemore further stated that once all the "really significant" processes are done with, the site will allow users to carry out a variety of tasks including job search, applying for passports, travel advice and a lot more. In fact, as per his revelation, the developers have started redesigning approximately 667 processes for the new platform.

"The GOV.UK beta builds on years of work and learning across government and outside it about how to deliver great services to users. In the first instance it is designed to replace the content you'll currently find at Directgov," Loosemore stated, as reported by The Register.

The beta testing of the site was given a green signal last year in August, roughly quarter of a year after the made its debut appearance.