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Survey: Android Users Most Likely to have One Night Stands

All those who want sex on their very first date and that too one night stands, choosing an Android user as their partner could do the trick - at least that's what a group of researchers are claiming.

A recent survey observed that Android users are more fluent in their dating habits and are open to put out on their first date. So if you have plans to hook up with someone this valentine - someone who is not bound by the moral obligations of not indulging in physical intimacy right on his/her first date - then pick up an Android user.

The poll conducted by reveals that there is a strong correlation between smartphone ownership and dating habits. The poll suggested that 75 per cent of Canadian singles think that their love lives have benefited from emailing and texting.

The survey also suggested that 62 per cent of Android users are ready to have sex after one date. By comparison, 57 per cent of iPhone users and 48 per cent of BlackBerry owners said they have gotten down on the first date. Android users are also more likely than owners of other handsets to hit it and quit it, with 55 per cent saying they would have a one night stand.

Technology has made people more open to dating habits. In general, Android owners seem to be more open to online dating. Match said that 72 percent have visited online dating sites, while 58 percent of iPhone users and 50 percent of BlackBerry owners have done the same.

[Source: VentureBeat]