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Symantec Changes Stance on Android Malware Claims

It's not been even a week since the security software vendor Symantec came up with the shocking claim that they had discovered the most severe Android-specific attack in the mobile operating system's history. The company went on claiming that as many as 5 million of Android users might have already found themselves at the receiving end of this new threat.

However, much to the relief of all the worrying users, the company has announced that the deadly "malware" they claimed to have discovered, is actually just an overly-aggressive code, meaning there was never any infection whatsoever.

Symantec's rival entity in the security software market - Lookout had already claimed the "threat" discovered by the former to be an adware code.

"In general, it's changing the home page of the [smartphone's] browser, adding additional shortcuts to the desktop, adding and even removing bookmarks. ..." Kevin Haley of Symantec spoke about the adware code in question, reported SlashGear.

"It took a while for some consensus then about what was adware or spyware, and what wasn't, but eventually that consensus was reached," he added.

To get rid of the adware code manually, users have to go to Settings>Applications>Manage, and then remove the potentially infected app(s).