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T-Mobile Changes Data Options For Mobile Users

T-Mobile has quietly amended its data options and now offers four different packages, a move that is likely to confuse users and increase the price of the service for some of them.

Basic internet, T-Mobile says, has a 100MB allowance with the next step up, Standard internet, upping this to 750MB with 3GB Wi-Fi, followed by 1.5GB with 3GB Wi-Fi for Extra internet and 5GB with 10GB Wi-Fi for Super Internet (ed : the Wi-Fi is provided by BT Openzone via its millions of hotspots).

Users have to pay £4, £9, £14 and £19 respectively. T-Mobile usually says that the data allowance is for streaming or VoIP and that casual internet surfing (checking your email, browsing websites) won't be charged extra.

All this may well change and we are investigating. If this is the case, then the move will may be motivated by T-Mobile's desire to upsell customers to its newly introduced Full Monty, unlimited data packages.

Overall though, T-Mobile's offer is not competitive; in comparison, Three offers unlimited data including tethering on its One Plan deal for just £25 per month, either as a SIM free offer with a one month rolling contract or on two years with a free phone.

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