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Three UK enters home broadband market

Mobile phone network Three has just launch a product on a trial within the UK, which offers Internet access to the home through a SIM card and mobile broadband solution from Huawei - known as WebCube.

WebCube is a 21mbps HSPA+ ‘broadband in a box' all in one package, which plugs into a regular power socket and uses the Three mobile phone network to offer web surfing and downloading in the home, up to five different devices.

Three cities have been chosen for the pilot scheme; these are Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland, with Leeds too.

The network is now selling the WebCube, both in store and on-line, within those places, with a one off cost for the device and a rolling contract for the mobile broadband data allowance or on a 24-month deal.

Huawei's WebCube made for Three, is around with a price tag of £59.99, with a £15 fee for 10GB or on a two year deal for £15.99 a month, with a 15GB data bundle.

The network is trialling the device out for an indeterminate period of time within those cites, which could very well be for three months, six months or until there is enough data gathered to either tweak the package - or to take the WebCube nationwide.

Rob Kerr is a journalist with more than 14 years experience of news, reviews and feature writing on titles such as Wired, PC Magazine, The Register, The Inquirer, Pocket-Lint, Mobile Industry Review, Know Your Mobile and The Gadget Show. The mobile phone world is his real passion and forte, having owned a handset as far back as 1994 where he has seen them grow from just a business tool to a necessity in everyone’s everyday life.