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Three UK to roll out HSPA+ dual carrier 42mbps network this year


Mobile phone network Three has exclusively told ITProPortal that it will be deploying an upgrade to their existing 21mbps HSPA+ network in 2012, which will bring their mobile broadband speeds up to 42mbps.

ITPP has just had a briefing over Three's new home mobile broadband device, known as WebCube, where this network information has been passed along by a product spokesperson from the well-established 3G mobile phone network.

The upcoming upgrade to Three's network will be a dual carrier deployment and will further extend the mobile broadband speeds of the network.

"Whatever customers experience on 21mbps, it will be doubled", stated the mobile broadband spokesperson at Three.

Three notably rolled out an upgrade to their network in July last year, which brought in a 40-percent increase in their mobile broadband speeds.

The company has stated that users typically have experienced 2-5mbps, where over 10 is possible too - with 20mbps potentially being a feature, on the forthcoming network deployment.

Three's MIFI device and their latest mobile broadband dongles benefitted from 2011's new network standard, along with the mobile phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Unfortunately, ‘in order to get dual carrier, you will need a hardware upgrade to a compatible dongle / modem', notes Three.

‘Three UK doesn't currently range any dual carrier compatible devices, but our expectation is that these should start becoming available towards the middle of this year'.

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